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Antoinette Brown 'begged for her life' as dogs mauled her to death

Antoinette Brown 'begged for her life' as dogs mauled her to death

Antoinette Brown was literally being torn apart: A pack of dogs had attacked her on a city street in south Dallas, Texas. Frantic calls from neighbors describe a surreal scene of panic as at least two callers report that she is either moaning in pain or screaming for help.

Brown died on the early morning of May 2 in Dallas, Texas. She was bitten by the animals more than 100 times, her family says, according to news reports.

She died after being in a medically induced coma two days later.

Law enforcement officials have admitted that the city received at least 10 calls about loose dogs -- and at least one dog attack in progress -- from the address where Brown was killed, according to The Dallas News.

“The loose dog problem continues in southern Dallas,” City Manager A.C. Gonzalez said, according to The News. “We are determined to find out what happened in this tragic situation so that we can bring irresponsible owners to account for their animals, if ownership can be proven. We are also working to correct and improve City systems to help prevent vicious dog attacks in the future and protect our community from loose dogs.”

The 911 calls -- which are 19 minutes apart -- show how helpless people can be when they too are afraid. Dispatchers did what they could to get a correct address from the callers. But it was to no avail. The first call came in at 4:42 a.m.

“She’s out there begging for somebody to help her,” a 911 caller named Jackie Humphrey tells the dispatcher in calls obtained by The Dallas Morning News. “I know some dogs was out there and somebody came and ran them off. But she’s still out there moaning and groaning and I’m scared to go outside.”

“One of her legs looked like a shark had taken a bite out of it,”  Humphrey told Fox 4 News in Dallas.


Humphrey says she can hear Brown yelling desperately for assistance. “Somebody help me. Help me! Somebody, help me!

The second call comes in about 5:02.  Officers said they were on the scene 12  minutes earlier, according to the Dallas Morning News. But a man who identifies himself as only "Kenneth" tells the 911 dispatcher: “Yeah, miss, that’s what I’m saying is some dogs are attacking. We can’t get close to her.

In the 911 call obtained by The Dallas Morning News, the dispatcher says, “Oh, they’re attacking her right now?”

Kenneth: “They attacked me too.She’s in the field laying down, calling for help. I can’t do nothing.”

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